Have you ever felt a loving presence with you, knowing that you were loved?

I believe we can love one another even when not in physical proximity.

I believe we can feel love from God, humans, and also be ministered to by angels who are serving God by blessing us.  (Each of the 3 types of sources of love is going to feel different in some ways.)

Sometimes I feel loved by another human via the spirit, and I don’t always know who it is.  Sometimes I have love for someone, and I don’t care if they know it is me who loves them but am content for them to feel that they are loved by others, and that God loves them.


Life Changing

One thing I understand about my particular personality is that it feels satisfied when it can connect to others in loving connection.  My personality has INFJ and INFP subtypes and each feels satisfied with a different kind of one on one love: one with a vitalizing love, and another with a harmonizing love.

Learning that this love in the spirit was possible dramatically changed my life.  I had a really hard time in life finding ways to love and connect and give to people until I discovered I could connect with God and others in the spirit.  Even if life and culture and circumstances are complicated, there is a ease, simplicity and safety in the spirit, in the unity we have access to in Christ.

How about you?  Have you ever felt loved by God or someone even when you couldn’t see them there?  Have you ever felt you could be present in heart and spirit with someone even when you were physically apart?  Is it easy for you to tell who is present with you in the spirit?



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