I’m Sean.

I seek the best in the life that’s been given to me.  What’s best?  Some answers I have found:  the biggest are to love God, to trust in Jesus as saviour, to live in step with the Holy Spirit, and to stand on God’s promises and teachings in the whole Bible.

In the Bible, there are many examples of people who live different kinds of lives, and I believe our lives might be very different too, in one way or another.  Whether God has a wild life in store for us or one that looks like a quiet one from the outside, I believe that if we daily choose to make Him our chief desire, there are unending thrills in store for our hearts.

This site is dedicated to those who are exploring what it means to put God first, and to love Him absolutely.  There are two ways this site may address that radical topics: the radical love of the believer for his or her Creator, and the radical journeys that an ever-creative God leads us on.

God never contradicts Himself.  He also does not limit Himself to what He has done in the past.  There are things He may do in our lives and in our midst that we do not understand, things that we are not accustomed to.  The Bible instructs us to gain understanding, but also not to lean not on our own understanding, and to trust in Him with all of our heart.  There can be a temptation to acquire the types of knowledge that puff up and then lean on our own understanding, but it is better to trust in God relationally, growing in a love that builds up.  Let’s not make an idol of knowledge but instead pursue the giver of understanding, who asks first and foremost for our love.

The first purpose of this site is to pursue trusting God and not lean on our own understanding.  That can seem scary, and even dangerous, but trusting God is ultimately where true safety lies, and we will eventually figure this out, so we might as well figure it out now.  Secondly, the purpose is to grow in understanding, which can be extremely valuable to us and those we are in a position to help.

I hope this site encourages you to grow in your love for God!

I have an introductory series that starts with the foundations of how to pursue understanding while avoiding the pitfalls, and I recommend starting there.

With love,

PS – Sean is my middle name.  I go by another name in person — see why.