Who is God?  Yehovah?  YHVH?

He has a begotten Son, Jesus.

He is Creator.

Why did He create?


Why does He create?

Why does He create life?

He loves those who live, and makes space for them to be free.  Why?

What does it mean to love God in this?

Is God curious about what we will do?

He loves, and asks us to love.  How do we love this God if He is curious about our life and our freedom?

Loving a Curious God

It seems a pure way to love the Creator of all is first of all, to live.  To live in life, to explore paths of success in the world.

Secondly, a side note of ‘how’ can get that part settled and divert focus back to the first focus.  Religion can focus on the how, codifying it.  But from a purely relational perspective, the how is clear: God is a God of creativity, and life, and not one of death and corruption.  God does not have curiosity for free agents who take the possibility of life and limitless creativity, and drive it into corruption, destruction, and death.  It is a dead end, a short predictable path, and not very interesting.

So we settle on “moral” principles, because they are the most interesting principles.  They are not moral principles because they are interesting, but because they are an expression of love to the preeminent agent of the universe (God), who finds them interesting.

Living Life

What does it mean to live life?  It means we are small specks of curious, cute life, meandering through a wonderful and beautiful and expansive world to explore.

How do we love a curious God and live our lives?  We acknowledge Him, His creation, the explorability of His well-crafted universe with its laws and principles, and the desires innate to us, and we live.

Exploring the Tip of the Creative Universe — God the Explorer

We humans are explorers, and we love to explore the edges of space, and science.  As individual tourists we love to explore new places.  The spiritual among us love to explore God’s miracles in the world: creating a universe on a different course through His personal intervention.

What does God like to explore?  He knows the universe He created, to the outermost parts that no one will discover for a billion years.  What does God watch?  What is the wildcard in God’s universe?

It is us.

What will we do with our lives?  What will we do with our freedom?

The living creatures of Ezekiel 1 seem to suggest some important things about God.  He is like a man who crafts and creates.  He is a lion who boldly champions justice.  He is a faithful servant like an ox.  What about the eagle?  (Side note: in MindFacets, the corresponding face is the Explorer, the Discoverer, or the Arouser.)  The eagle is ever watching.  What does God watch?  He created a universe that rewards the wise, and He personally rewards and strengthens those who seek Him and whose hearts are set on Him.  (Heb 11:6, 2 Chr 16:9a)

What if we seek Him until we find the part of Him that wanted to create this universe?

God created an explorable universe.  It would please Him for us to explore it.  The corollary of that is it would displease Him for us to not explore…how could that happen?

There are ways we can dis God by disexploring His creation He made for us:

  • by aborting our curiosity in favor of something fake:
    • by living by a human-made  rulebook of how to live (what Scripture calls “traditions of men,”) or
    • by superstition and divination, trying to guess specifics how God wants us to live, instead of realizing He has put that ball in our court.
  • by assuming superstition into the universe instead of using our minds:
    • by having been told that there are demons and angels everywhere manipulating our world, when really most of what is going on is just nature, or
    • by thinking whispers and shadows in our minds are God directing us to do something, when in many cases it is just noise from our very complicated subconscious minds.

I have been overzealous at times in trying to hear what God was saying about a situation, only to realize He was entrusting me to act, waiting for me to create something through my choices.  I can still be zealous to the utmost in acknowledging Him in it, marrying His curious presence to my life — His quiet, ethereal explorative presence.  He is still a guide, but a watching guide rather than a commanding guide.

He wants this journey called my little life.  He thinks it is grand.

“A Time For Everything”

… and a season for every activity under the heavens. (Ecc 3)

There is a time when God instructs us, and says ‘get into these safe boundaries I set up for you.’  Or ‘you are really messed up and are incompatible with the destiny of this universe, but I love you and want you to thrive in the long run, so accept the lifeline I gave you in my Son.’  He may even say ‘slow down’ when you’re driving, only for you to slow down a bit and then watch an out of control drunk driver speeding through a stop sign, who would have killed you.

And there are a lot of times when the God who gave us thousands or millions of choices to make per day, creating our day to day lives, wants us to make those millions of choices.

You can love God in this by inviting Him in to watch your life as you make wise, loving choices that are pleasing to Him, and smart, clever choices that He finds delightfully curious.  Even if He is only watching you in your invitation, He is loving it — loving you.

So cast aside superstition, rigidity, and repent to the awe of the expansive universe set before you, and live!

Addendum – Secrets and Pro Tips: The Information Flows from the Divine Watcher

God as Watcher has feelings — some things please Him, some things please Him more.  The things that don’t please Him aren’t good for anybody in the end.

If you notice where His invisible eyes are drawn to, listen closely to His silent heartbeat, you will be able to draw upon His infinite wisdom, and find the narrow hidden paths to His limitless pleasures, which will satisfy you to the point of saturation (and stretch you so you can handle more,) in your pleasure.

And what purpose does a piddly human have?  To the extent that it is to humbly explore this expansive world, we are achieving the highest purpose, if we invite the curious Creator to explore it with us.

Addendum 2 – A note on time and free will

God may see time from beginning to end, and be omniscient, but that does not change the free agency and creativity we have been given.  Foreknowledge of a person’s choice does not nullify that person’s choice.   And I will not attempt to slice through the apparent determinism versus free agency paradox here, but just say God created us as beings capable of relationship with Him, capable of choosing to love (after being first loved by Him), and God cannot have love or relationship from robots.

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